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Edge of Philly Sports

Feb 19, 2024

Gary Groob, Shawn Slaght & "Muffler" Mike Kostiuk talk #Lacrosse from #Philly & beyond This Week's Show:

  • Lacrosse News
  • NLL Milestones
  • Premier Lacrosse League Championship Series
  • Arena Lacrosse League East & West
  • Pick 'Ems
  • NLL Weekly Recaps
  • Upcoming Games And so much more...
  • and Pat Bernard in the...

Jan 23, 2024

Today's topics include...

1) Biggest takeaways for the Eagles from the Divisional Round?

2) Now that Nick Sirianni is back, we breakdown our favorite OC & DC coordinator choices for the Eagles moving forward

3) Stay or Go: Eagles Defense

Jan 9, 2024

  • This week in Philly Sports History
  • Save The Eagles Plan C
  • Eagles?????
  • Flyers !!!!!!!!!!!

Dec 24, 2023

Pat talks about the right tools for the job. #PhiladelphiaFlyers battle back against the #DetiotRedwings going down to the wire. Do the Flyers have the right tools to make them to the playoffs?

The #Philadelphia76ers won 8 out of their last 9 games. Just beating the #ToroantoRaptors. Should the 76ers upgrade at the...

Dec 4, 2023

Lacrosse news:

  • Native American Heritage Month
  • World lacrosse - clip
  • Canada announces its 2024 World Box coaches
  • Mike Powell & Bob Tarring on Developing skills - Clip
  • NLL/Marvel
  • NLL movement prior to opening weekend
  • NLL Week One Pick 'ems
  • NLL Week One Recaps
  • Goal of the week
  • Upcoming NLL week