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Edge of Philly Sports

May 19, 2022

Big Al is joined by Jim "Chet" Chesko live from the home of the Philadelphia Eagles.  They attended an amazing event called Dish It Up by Women Against Abuse.  

#Eagles - Preseason and Schedule Outlook

#Phillies - Bats Alive or Just West Coast Magic?

#Sixers - Bounced in the 2nd Again. What does the...

May 5, 2022

When the Sixers vs the Heat Game wraps up, Joey and Big Al just get started.

#Sixers - Game Reactions

#Eagles - Draft Talk

This and so much more......

Apr 21, 2022

#PhilaUnite | #NBAPlayoffs

Embiid hits a colossal three-pointer to win in Toronto, and Joey and Big Al lose their mind! #Sixers vs. #Raptos Post Game Coverage. #Phillies wrap up the series with the Rockies with a much-needed win. Matty B joins us. Eagles' Draft is in one week. Jay Wright retires.  This and more!...

Apr 21, 2022

Eagles, Sixers, and Phillies talk on this week's Philly Pressbox Radio show! Guests are Eagles legend and NFL Executive VP in Charge of Football Operations TROY VINCENT, Women Against Abuse Executive Director JOANNA OTERO-CRUZ, and WIP/High Hopes co-host JACK FRITZ. In addition to football talk, Troy and Joanna tell us...

Apr 14, 2022

Big AL is joined by Matty B with a special guest, Chris Deibler Party on Broad from The Painted Lines:

  • #Eagles - Draft is Coming
  • #Sixers - Doc Pisses Everyone Off
  • #Phillies - Season Outlook

This and so much more.

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