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Edge of Philly Sports

Feb 28, 2022

The Monday Mailbag - Episode 20

This Week's Topics
2) James Harden!! (2:40)
3) Philadelphia Stars (12:48)
4) MLB Lockout Update (15:28)
5) Flyers (16:48)
6) Eagles Update (19:04)

#PhillySports #Philly4for4

Feb 26, 2022

The fellas break down the Sixers' first game with James Harden on the floor in-depth and will probably run off the rails as usual on this week's Pattison Ave Phanatics Show

Feb 25, 2022

On a special Fridays with Freddy, The boys talk about the looming doom of the MLB lockout.  They discuss the Phillies' starting pitching rotation.  The free agency rush will occur when the CBA is finished.  How could they move pieces around the organization?  Is baseball going too far with its changes?  These and more...

Feb 24, 2022

Joey and Big AL return:

#Eagles - QB Discussion, Free Agency

#Sixers - Harden is Ready

#Flyers - Giroux is Ok with a Trade

#Phillies - Are You Getting Nervous

This and so much more.

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Feb 24, 2022

A couple of great guests again this week! 76ers play-by-play broadcaster Kate Scott visits to talk all-things Sixers and tell us how she's enjoying her first season in Philadelphia. Plus, we get an update on the MLB lockout and how this year's Phillies might look as Phillies Nation editor Tim Kelly joins us. (Bill...